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Party Poker Online Casino Ups Prize to $1M

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Online casino poker sites are grabbing the attention of professional players by having top notch tournaments on a weekly basis. Party Poker online casino has now upped its Sunday Guarantee Prize to $1M. High cash prize weekly tournaments are becoming THE thing of the online casino poker scene and it is not surprising to find many of the world’s top poker players loitering around the online casino sites on a weekend trying to grab part of the action. All the high rollers know that the best cash prizes are to be won on the Poker Starts Million Dollar Guaranteed Events over the weekend, but now Party Poker online casino has joined the ranks and has upped its weekend jackpot cash prize to one million dollars too.

It was announced last week that the online casino would launch a weekly million dollar tournament beginning on 4th June. The world’s top poker players and professional high rollers are all ready to play for yet another great opportunity for them to become millionaires. There are several ways to register for the online casino contests – directly by buying in for $215, or you can satellite into the event with 100 Party Poker Points and $3. Seats can also be won through multi-table tournaments.

The fact that there are now two online casino sites guaranteeing a million dollars a week on poker is a clear indication of the volume and phenomenal extent of the impact that poker has had on the online casino industry. Just five years ago, there were only a handful of online poker sites and now no self-respecting online casino will allow itself to present a range of games that does not include poker in some form or another.

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