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For those who love to play bingo there is a new device that is helping players improve their odds of winning. It’s the Bingo Mate 2000 and quite simply it is used to aid players keep track of the game and the points that have been called out. In Bingo there is no definitive strategy or skill. The player must simply keep track of the numbers that are called out and when they have the right combination on their scorecards according to the numbers called out they yell bingo and win the prize.

People play bingo at halls and casino all over the country. It’s even enjoyed at some online casinos that specialize in Bingo only. This is in order to cater to the bingo loving players on the net. A new device dubbed the Bingo Mate will help players keep better track of the game and hopefully win. Bingo online casinos can be found all over the internet.

Don Seligman works with a church community that sponsors many bingo nights for charity. He had this to say about the casino bingo mate: “It’s gambling. That’s the whole point. But you’re not going to lose your money as fast as you will at the casino. You can hang on to it a little longer. It’s a big kick when you win.”

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